I've spent quite a bit of time on the forums and on the lakes in the last week.  There are some vehicles driving on area lakes, although ice may not be as thick as some think in certain spots.  There was a report of a truck going through the ice on Rice Lake late last week.  Apparently the ice broke not far from the Rice Lake Dam (and landing.)  Locals say that the ice near the landing is typically unpredictable.

Saturday I spent the day on Amnicon Lake south of Superior.  Trucks are driving on the lake, but in some spots only 11 inches of ice.  I would guess with the recent overnight lows that the lake is closer to 13 inches thick by this point.

Yesterday up on Fish Lake Reservoir the spot I was at had 13 inches of ice.  Trucks were driving on the lake, but everyone was wisely staying clear of the dam area.  Off onto pontoon bay thru Hibanks the lake was solid enough for a plow truck to make a road.  Also vehicles out by Birch Island and Bald Island.  I've also heard there is 12" of good ice on Island lake as well.

So to sum it up, most lakes are close to drive-able, but given the forecast in the next few days I would expect 16-20 inches of ice by this weekend.