It's not every year that Grandmas Marathon weekend passes and who won the big race takes a back burner to who won a half marathon race.  This was no regular year however with the half marathon USA National Championships in town.  Oh, did I mention that hometown Olympic athlete Kara Goucher returned to set a course record and win the women's USA National Championships in the city she grew up in?

The course was electric where she ran by and she was greeted with enormous support from beginning to fist-pumping end.   Formerly Kara Wheeler and a Greyhound at Duluth East, her last competitive race in Duluth was during her senior year.  A lot has changed since then and as Kara Goucher prepares to compete in the Olympics, running the marathon, she was inspired by the reaction she witnessed.

The Northland's News Center had the report as both Kara and her mom express their gratitude.