For some time now, I've thought about purchasing a Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowl to bring to work.  In the morning, I don't really have a lot of time, and I end up eating while I'm working.  I thought this might be a quick easy meal for breakfast.  It's microwavable, under $2, and it can stay in the freezer for a long time.  But, I was always a little hesitant that it would be any good.

My wife bought me some the other day when she had a coupon and she told me to just try it.   Today I did, and I've got to say they are pretty good.  It's not as good as making it at home in your own skillet.  It's not as good as going out to eat at your local diner for breakfast.  But for the purpose and ease it's designed for, it tastes pretty darn good.

The eggs were surprisingly tender, the potatoes were the right consistency, and of course the Jimmy Dean sausage and meats were good.  It's under $2, and sometimes you can find an even better deal.  For the price of breakfast items at fast food places, or even gas stations, this is a good buy.