One of the reasons I gave up on making home made potato salad was dealing with the potatoes.  I eventually ran across a microwave recipe that made it much easier and uses baby reds with the skins on.  However, if you are making traditional potato salad and have a WHOLE bag of potatoes to peel.  Here's how you can do it in less than a minute.

The only thing I would suggest is time to buy a new brush for the end of your drill and here's why:

In order for you to WOW your friends you'll need:

  • the end of a clean (stressing NEW and clean) toilet brush
  • a drill
  • a bucket
  • a hose with water access

To recap: put your unpeeled potatoes in a bucket. Fill bucket half way with water.  As you saw in the video, place the toilet brush into the end of your drill. Submerge the toilet brush *NOT THE DRILL into the bucket of potatoes and turn it on for about one minute while using the hose to spray water into the bucket at the same time.  This process will leave you with perfectly peeled potatoes!

*Note:  Do not put the drill or the drill bit into the water as this could lead to a electric shock. Its always advisable to fit an automatic trip and isolator to the socket where the extension lead or drill are plugged into.