Thursday evening I was on the way home from one our kid's Christmas Programs.  We had to leave early and missed out on the treats, so I told our son that I would stop by the gas station and grab him an ice cream sandwich.  I stopped at the Belknap Spur and was in an out in just a minute or two.  A few days later, I found out that I narrowly missed a robbery by just a few minutes. 

I was at the gas station at about 7:55.  The robbery took place at 8PM.  Here's what the Superior Police Department has on the suspect.


I'm sick of this crap.  I'm sick of these degenerate low life scum taking over our town.  I'm sick of hearing a different place being robbed week after week.  Maybe if we start catching these people and throwing the book at them, they'll think twice about robbing our businesses.