Most people that are looking to add a pet to their family usually think of puppies and kittens.  With that comes a lot of learning, and a lot of patience.   A lot of times it may be appropriate to adopt a senior pet.  They've learned the ropes, they've calmed down, and they are looking for a loving home for their golden years.

Animal Allies would like you to Give Thanks to Their Senior Pets and consider adopting a new family member.


We give thanks for all our beloved senior pets, and the lessons of peace and patience they teach.

Older pets, like Leona the grey short-haired cat (above) and Gwen the tortoiseshell (below) , offer gentle companionship and steadfast loyalty. They have acquired character over the years and deserve to live the rest of their lives in a comfortable home.

When you give a senior pet a forever home, they repay you in love and gratitude.

Leona and Gwen are among the senior pets available for adoption at Animal Allies' Duluth and Superior locations.


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