While I'm not against all remakes, I'm totally on the fence on the idea of remaking "Poltergeist", the classic and quotable movie that was released in 1982.  Regardless of my feelings, a remake has been completed and here is the first look at the movie.

It appears to follow the same basic plot as the original, with a house built on a burial ground and a little girl being taken from our world while the family seeks help from their paranormal terror.  There is even another evil clown toy and some lines from the original such as "Your daughter is alive and in this house" and "Clear your minds, it already knows what scares you".

The only reason I'm on the fence is that as a little kid I really liked the original "Poltergeist".  I will most likely check this one out, I just hope they do it justice.  If they don't just copy the original frame for frame, but retain the spirit while adding new scares, then I'm all in.

The movie is currently scheduled to be released on July 24.



Here is the trailer for the 1982 original