Well, I've been talking about getting on the ice for a couple of weeks now and finally decided from what I was hearing that there was enough ice to go.  Got up bright and early this last Saturday, picked up my fishing partners, and hit the ice.

We went north near Cotton, MN to a lake known for it's crappie fishing.  We drilled a test hole just off the shore and found there was about 6 inches of ice.  Some spots had maybe 8 inches of ice.  It was plenty safe, and not much snow on the top.

The first section we went to we drilled holes and immediately caught two fish.  I jinxed us, saying "We're on the fish!"  Next, two hours went by and we caught nothing.  A few scarce nibbles.  We decided to move.

Next spot, same thing happened.  Caught two fish back to back right away, then nothing.  And of course I jinxed myself again, saying "we're on the fish!"  I think I've learned my lesson now.  Heading back out on the ice mid week, wish me luck!