Absolutely gorgeous!  Not only Enger Tower, which has been "pinked" for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but also the new BIGGER gazebo. The cool thing about the smaller gazebo is that my daughter had her grad pics taken there, just before they built this one. They're going to officially open the gazebo today with a ribbon cutting and you're invited!I've officiated wedding ceremonies at the smaller gazebo and while the view was amazing, it was hard to fit the wedding part "in" it.  The new gazebo will accommodate the wedding party and more!

It's truly a work of art!  With the help of the Timbers Guild it was constructed this summer using a historical method of construction.

Come enjoy Enger Park!  You're invited to be part of history at the Enger Park Gazebo Ribbon Cutting Ceremony today at 3:00 PM. It's said that "the new gazebo will be host to one of Lake Superior's most amazing vistas in the region."

Info via:  City of Duluth