My wife went shopping at Target using her cartwheel app that she loves so much.  She found a deal on an Embark "Insta-up" 8 person tent.  It was cheap with the app, I think she spent only 80 bucks on it.  It normally retails for $135.  Being it was so cheap, I figured it would be garbage, but I went ahead and tried it out this weekend.   After my first experience with it, I can honestly say it is the easiest tent I have ever set up.

It uses a design that has the poles built right into the fabric.  It's almost like  a pop up ice house in the way that it folds up.  The instructions are three steps, and it takes about 3 minutes to set up.  You just extend and snap the roof poles into place, and then the walls, and its up!  Stake it into the ground, attach the rain fly, and you're done.

It rained all afternoon and off and on throughout the night, and I didn't get a single drop on me.  I was very impressed.

The only thing I disagree with is the fact that it is an 8 person tent.  Me, my wife, and two kids would fit fine in it.  Perhaps four grown adults, but there is no way I would have more than that in there.

Still, it is a very good tent.  I highly recommend.