Our winter has been so mild it's hard to tell where one construction season has ended and where the new one begins.  The next few days you'll see some streets closed for repair, some for cleaning (at least someone has started their Spring cleaning) and the Lakewalk will have some maintenance work.  Here's what you need to know to get where you're going with less frustration.

First of all, I'm SUPER jealous of the people that live near Fourth Street!  What did they have to do to get their potholes repaired?  That street between 14th and 15th Avenues East will be closed until tomorrow for repair to what they say are significant potholes.  I've got major significant potholes in my neighborhood.  Just sayin!

Then, as if to remind me that I should put aside a weekend to Spring Clean, our Public Works and Utilities department are busy cleaning the sanitary sewers on West Michigan Street between 5th Avenue West and Lake Avenue, working eastward.  You can expect partial closures to the roads in the area they're working in for the next week.

Finally, recently we were running on the Lakewalk and noticed that the boardwalk had heaved in some areas and were covered with rocks and warped in others.  We wondered if the waves had crashed that high up during one of our recent 40 mph windy days.    For the next couple of weeks between 7a to 3:30p  the City will be working to repair the board walk between the Fitgers complex and ship canal. They don't plan to close it completely, but you should be aware that you may be guided around the work site.