The Reef was where everyone gathered to hear local musicians take a shot at writing the first ever jingle for the Duluth Huskies Baseball team. In fact, the only team in the Northwoods League with a jingle.

6 different acts took the stage and played what they thought would be the best jingle for the team. The styles ranged from polka flavor, to rock, and traditional. The judges were hung for a long time and it forced host Brian Prudhomme to stretch (no pun intended) for time in order for the judges to make a decision.

Eventually, the judges asked the Huskies ownership and management to come and help. When the powers that be couldn't help, the judges asked if it was ok to call it a tie, when GM Greg Culver said yes to having a tie, two jingles were chosen to represent the team. So, it was announced Brody Olson and the Bottle Jockeys each are winners of the first ever jingle for the Duluth Huskies.

Brody Jerome Olson facebook
Bottle jockeys facebook

One of them you can hear below, warning, it's loud. The other is by Ensemble Poticia. Here's some pictures from the historic day too.