I LOVE DOGS!!  Favorite time of the year is when the Annual All-Breed Conformation, Obedience and Rally Dog Show comes to the DECC with the Duluth Kennel Club and Twin Ports Dog Training Club!


This is a family friendly event for dog lovers of all ages!!!  Bring the whole family (except of course, for your family pets).

The Dog Shows run Thursday, July 14 through Sunday July 17th at the DECC. Doors open at 10 AM on Thursday and 8 AM Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Be sure to get there early as most of the action will be wrapping up by around 3:00. Cost is $3 for kids 17 and under and seniors 63 and over, and $5 for all other humans.

Check out the Obedience side of the house to see some top competitors performing amazing activities. You will see dogs working on and off the leash, dogs going over jumps, dogs retrieving, and dropping on command from halfway across the room. Could you tell your dog to sit and to stay, leave the room for a few minutes and come back to find him or her in the same place that you left them? You will see the Obedience dogs and handlers doing just that!

Have you ever watched Westminster on tv and marveled at the all of the beautiful dogs on display? You will see the same type of competition at the Breed side of the house at the Twin Ports All Breed Dog Show! Come and check out some beautiful examples of a number of different breeds – some that you’ve heard of and many that you might not!

Please be sure that you leave the family dog at home – only dogs who have been entered in the show are allowed on the show site. But there are going to be many different vendors at the show, so your four-legged family member shouldn’t feel left out. You will be able to purchase everything from specialty dog food and treats, to collars, leashes, brushes and even shampoos and toys. And for your dog’s two-legged friends and family – t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other dog-related items will be available!

Don’t forget, the fun happens July 14 – 17th, 8 AM to 3 PM at the DECC. Hope to see you there!