Hey, whatever it takes to get this stadium issue resolved right?  I picture a bunch of guys in Polo shirts and Dockers watching a game together.  Wonder if they will have beer and nachos?  What I really think they should do is watch a game together at the Metrodome.  Then they will see the passion of the fans inside and outside of the stadium and how busy nearby businesses are for the game.


Maybe if everyone just sat down and watched a Minnesota Vikings game things would work out.

Sen. Julie Rosen, R-Fairmont, the lead Senate author for a new Vikings stadium, said Thursday that Gov. Mark Dayton and other top legislative leaders may soon watch a Vikings game on TV together as they try to sort out how to fund a new stadium and where to build it.

Dayton, she said, is “going to invite the [stadium] working group and the leaders and go over to his house for a couple of beers” to watch the game. Rosen made the comments after emerging Thursday from a stadium meeting in the governor’s office, and said she invited the DFL governor to try to bring the legislative leaders together over a Vikings game.

Rosen said the event would likely take place in December, but said she was unsure whether it would occur at the governor’s mansion in St. Paul.

“I hope it’s a big-screen TV, with seats that recline,” Rosen said.

via Dayton, legislators: Maybe watching a Vikings game would help | StarTribune.com.