Memorial Day weekend is here and a lot of people are heading out to the campsites.   This year is our first extended weekend camping as a family which has really complicated my usually short list of things to pack for myself.

Here's some common things people forget to pack:

cell phone car charger

first aid kit

extra toilet paper

sun block (for us around here, we haven't had enough sun for us to worry about until this weekend.)

Ear Plugs.. If you're sharing the tent with a snorer

Extra pair of shoes

Hammer for pounding in tent stakes

Small hatchet

Good knife


Seems like no matter how hard you plan things, you always forget something.  But just remember the really important stuff.   Shelter, water, food, and warm clothing.  The rest is just an inconvenience.

And if you're looking for some more tips, this is actually really informative.   It's just a little dry.   :)