My daughter Kylee just graduated from UMD.  I remember "move in" day and the chaos that transpired at our area apartments, houses and especially on campus at the dorms.  With that said there are a lot of families driving in the Northland unfamiliar with the city and natives need to be forgiving.

I brought this up on air this morning after mentioning all of the construction that started this week both on our roadways and our local bridges. It's confusing to those that live here, imagine what's it's like to be coming to town with a load of your belongs and a lot of mixed emotion.  Not to mention after they get their clothes, furniture and yes, even their beloved stuffed animals in their new home, they need to venture out to find grocery stores, doctors, dentists, shopping centers and everything they need to begin life without parents in a new place.

For those students that need to cross Lake Superior they'll find it even more challenging with the Blatnik Bridge construction.  The Superior-bound lane will be closed until the end of September and then it will switch to the Duluth-bound lane.  The lane that aren't closed will be down to only one lane and that will slow down traffic considerable.  Of course, the Bong Bridge is an option, but since more motorists will be using that route, again, travel time will be slow.

It goes without saying that we all will be affected with the construction and more vehicles on the road than we're use to. I just wanted to call attention to the fact that you may experience someone hesitant with what road to take and asking you to curb the road rage and give them understanding.  I bet they'd appreciate a smile at this hectic transition in their lives.  It's all about the peace, love and consideration for others, we have that in the Northland!