It's National Clutter Awareness Week!  Of course, if you're like me, you are quite aware of the clutter in your home.  It's overwhelming at times, isn't it?  I'm wit's some tips that helped me.....

Make a Date with your Clutter:  Be serious and set a day that you're going to organize it...I know there are 100 things you'd RATHER be doing, but be strong, I'm with you in faith!

Start Small:  You are not expected to organize everything in one day!  Divide that big project into a more manageable time frame.  Once you complete one project and reap the benefits of being clutter-free, you'll want to keep going.

Organize Your Stuff:  Make a to do list and check items. 1. Stuff you want to keep. (keep that to a minimal)  2.  Things you want to sell (rummage sale season IS right around the corner, if you ignore the fact that we're awaiting a blizzard)  3.  Things you can re-gift (hey, that's IN now)  4.  Things you're going to throw (should be a big pile)!

Now, think about transforming that beloved "junk" into cash to help others (that'll make you feel good and it won't just be rotting in a landfill).  Put it on EBAY, have a rummage sale, or donate it to Good Will, the Salvation Army or the Domiano Center.  With the money you receive from selling your items, you can make donations to your favorite charity.  Clean house, warm heart, what could be better!