It's a new week with another exciting attraction to tell you about, just minutes from Eagan!  Don't leave the kids home and feel guilty about it.....take them with and make memories that will last a life time!!!  Everyone has their favorites at the Minnesota Zoo. When you go, you might even see some animals you've never had the chance to learn about I did with the new 3M Penguins of the African Coast exhibit.  Keep reading to find out how you can win your very own Cathycation, compliments of the Eagan Convention & Visitors Bureau!

My ultimate favorite animals at the zoo are the monkeys, always has been, always will be....however, these new African Penguins are certainly a close second!  My family enjoyed every minute at that exhibit, which turned about to be almost an hour with the little cuties (the kids and the penguins)!

Did you know that African Penguins can stay underwater for more than two and a half minutes?  We spent most of our time waiting for one to go underwater and then timing him/'s hard to tell which is which when it comes to penguins!

They are ALL ABOUT THE WADDLE at the Minnesota's some expert waddlers:


and here's my family:


So have a "waddle practice night" at your home, before you visit the MN Zoo. (I bet you can do WAY better than Steve, my daughter's boyfriend,  lol)!

The Eagan Convention and Vistors Bureau makes vacation planning SO easy, with a whole bunch of "pick your packages" to choose from....PICK YOUR PACKAGE.

If you want to win your own Cathycation that includes:  a Two-night stay at Eagan’s Crowne Plaza Hotel, (4) complimentary Nickelodeon Universe Unlimited Ride Wristbands for the Mall of America,  and dining certificates to the fabulous Granite City here for the details! Be sure to tell your friends about the chance to win a Cathycation with the Eagan Convention and Visitors Bureau and check in next Tuesday for information about another great Eagan attraction and another shot at getting your name in the drawing....good luck and happy travels!