Ok, I'll admit my stupidity.  In the picture it shows tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and sauce.  As I was reaching for the box in the freezer section I wondered how the vegetables would withstand 40 seconds in the microwave, but I'm willing to try almost anything once, so I bought it.  My family loves gyros and I've never tried cooking lamb meat so THIS was the answer.  Here's what me and my family thought.


DELICIOUS!  I've already started to bring to work for lunch.  However, you should be fore warned, I'm a dork.  What comes in the box is the gyro meat in a soft pita bread, just like the box says.  As far as your onion, tomatoes, cucumbers and sauce, you have to come up with that.  But it's so tasty I eat mine at work with out them.

At home we didn't have the traditional tzatziki sauce so we used ranch dressing. (Isn't ranch dressing the new ketchup?)  It wasn't bad, a little different taste.  They say to use plain yogurt, but I find that to be....well.....pretty plain!

So, have at it.  They are small enough for a lunch, probably would need a couple if you were doing a dinner.  But, super simple and quick, just take it out of it's plastic wrapper, wrap it in a paper towel and microwave for 35-40 seconds.  Add what you want to make it authentic or eat it plain.  It's yummy, I give it two thumbs up and will definitely be adding it to my grocery list often!

Just remember, in order to make it LOOK like the picture you have to add a few ingredients so add that to your grocery list too!