First, I have to say that this is not causing any issues between me and my two neighbors.  In fact, it was discussed last summer and hasn't been brought up again.  However, with summer approaching, it might.  It's a dilemma and I just want to make everyone happy, but that would be impossible.  So, HELP!  Here's the story:

The tree in the picture sits on my property line.  Most of it hangs over one neighbors patio area.  I think the one feeble branch that leans the opposite way is keeping it standing, lol.  We are afraid it could be blown down with a big wind and are uncomfortable that it may fall on his house.  HE likes the shade it provides for his patio.

Now, on the other hand, our neighbors that live across the street and above us have an absolutely beautiful panoramic view of part of the city of Duluth and our tree blocks the view of the bridge.  It's the ONLY thing that stands in the way of an entirely unobstructed view.  They would like to see us take the tree down.

We want to make both of them happy.  Neither my husband or I have thought twice about the tree until they started talking to us about it.  SO, whadda we do?  What do you think?  Who is responsible for paying to have it professionally cut down?  Professionally is the only way I'd do it because it's so close to one of their homes.  Should we split the cost, or if you want it down, you pay for it?  I don't even know if it will come up this summer, but was wondering what your thoughts would be, if you were in the same situation.