Last night, I was flicking through channels on the cable box when I saw "Catfish."  Nothing else was on, so I turned to it.  Quickly I realized this had nothing to do with "noodling" catfish, or catching catfish, but it got me hooked.  It's a show about people who are in "relationships" with other people online that they have never met.  How stupid are these people?

It's hosted by Nev, who was himself catfished and did a documentary about it.  Now he goes around helping other people find their online person they sometimes even have been engaged to.  Yep, that's right.

So is this real, or is this just fake reality tv?   That's what I'm wondering.   I'm sure there are enough people who really do fall for this kind of stuff, but once they meet the person on the other end, that person has to sign a waiver for their footage to be released.   Often times, I would think they would run into a road block.

Either way, it's still a train wreck that you gotta at least check out.