Is Taylor Swift Dating Zac Efron?
It's not the first time that Zac and Taylor have spent time together, but for the young, inspiring singer there will always be speculation when she hangs out with a guy.  You have to hand it to Zac, most guys would be a little shy to start a relationship with Taylor.  You KNOW he&apos…
Are You A Cool Facebook User, Or A Facebook Loser?
I think Facebook is a great tool for keeping in touch with friends, especially distant friends.  There is a fine line, however, that people cross that make you going from a cool Facebook user, to a Facebook loser.
Facebook Cool:  Sharing something funny that happened.
Facebook Loser:  …
Cop Issues Speeding Ticket, Asks Driver For A Date And She Sues Him
Well you can't blame a guy for trying...actually, yes you can.
A Chicago police officer allegedly turned a $132 speeding ticket into a pick-up opportunity when he later tracked down the female driver and asked her out, saying the least he could do for the money he cost her was to treat her to di…
Demi Moore To Divorce Ashton Kutcher
Being a high profile couple is tough, especially when you can't keep the clown in the tent if you catch my drift.
Demi Moore is ending her marriage to fellow actor Ashton Kutcher, she told The Associated Press on Thursday.
Study Shows Women Can Keep A Secret For 32 Minutes
A recent study covered by The Daily Mail shows that gossip is a powerful thing.  The study was done by the make up brand Simple and shows that 1 out of 10 women flat out admit they can't keep a secret.  85% admit to love hearing gossip from other people...
The Most Outdated Pieces of Baby Advice
There are so many things I have heard over the years about raising my child and I know speaking to other people about their kids they repeat some of this stuff to me. So when I saw this article I felt I NEEDED to pass it on.
Drinking Beer Could Be Hurting Your Sex Life, Guys
Well, of course this could totally depend on this guy's outfit, but researchers in Russia seem to think that beer hurts men's sex life.  The main reason is the hops used for beer have an effect on the body.  It pretty much equates to a beer belly equaling less sex drive...
Adorable Elderly Couple Tries To Work Their New Webcam
This is a pretty adorable video.  There's a lot of people that fight like an old married couple, but this one isn't one of them.  Instead of getting frustrated with their problem, you can tell how much they love each other and enjoy just being with one and another...
Carrie Underwood Reveals Beauty Secrets
Ever wonder what the stars do to get beautiful hair, or lashes or clean complexion? Well, CMT sat dow with Carrie Underwood to get some of her secrets.
Yes, Carrie was born with great eyelashes. They are naturally thick and look false. Yet, she still likes to compliment them. How does she do this? Sh…

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