It's tough for us to swallow that Casey Anthony will walk away as a free woman soon.  There are so many things that we've been presented in the media that make her seem guilty.  Is she really innocent of murder?  Even some of the jurors aren't sure, but they all agreed there wasn't enough evidence for a guilty verdict.  Let's make one thing clear.  The jurors did their job.  If you are angry about Casey Anthony going free, direct the anger at the flub ups of our judicial system, not the jurors.  I read a story from NBC about Juror 12, who is living a nightmare after the Casey Anthony trial.

One thing for sure is that Casey Anthony will most likely live in fear for the rest of her life.  Think about how many people are fired up about this case.  I can guarantee you if juror's are getting death threats, then she's on that same list too.  For the rest of her life, she will be somehow in the public eye and always in a negative way.

My suggestion to Casey Anthony:  If Jerry Springer did offer you a million bucks to go on his show, take it.  Then sail away to some non English speaking country with some natives and start a life there.  Then, a couple of years later after the paparazzi jumps out behind a grass hut and finds you, move again.  And again.  Good luck, there's always a price for freedom.