I CAN'T EVEN.  WHAT!?  "WE'RE HOME CHEWEY!"  THIS IS AWESOME!  But wait a minute.   How did Han lose the falcon?  Who is this black dude that keeps showing up?  Why is there a star destroyer on the ground?  What is going on!?

OK so first, if you haven't seen the trailer:

First off, JJ Abrams said that the desert planet isn't Tattoine, which is fine with me because that planet is kind of boring.  Sand people, shmand people.

Who is the black guy that first appeared in the first teaser?  He looked like a panicked storm trooper lost or something in the first one.  Now in the second teaser it appears he deserts the empire.  Maybe he has discovered he has the force and is seeking guidance?

And by the way... didn't the rebellion destroy the empire in "Return of the Jedi?"  Obviously they delt them a big blow, but they are still out there.   Evidence is the new look of the storm troopers.   Or, did someone else take over the empire and rebuild it?  Is this a new regime?

How did Han and Chewey lose the Millenium Falcon?  Or is this just a trick with him saying "Chewey, we're home."  That implies that they get it back.  How many miles are on that thing now?   They must be using synthetic long life oil.  It's surprising how much just the scruffy hair do can turn a weathered looking Harrison Ford back into a scruffy looking nerf herder.

That's gotta be look in the jedi robe with his mechanical hand touching R2D2.  It's just gotta be.  And who is Luke talking to about the force?

In the shot where the storm troopers are all lined up it appears they are on a snowy planet.  Are they on Hoth?

And at 1:20 who is this guy!?


I'm DYING here!!!!  I can't wait until Christmas!