I'm not sure who Bud Light is trying to target with their latest creation, the series of 'Mixx Tail' beverages.  Is it for the young party goer that enjoys having a pitcher of long islands at the club?  (Like Grandmas Sport's Garden serves?)  Or is it for the lazy cocktail person who wants a long island without all the work?  Well I love a good Long Island so I bought an 8 pack of the long island flavored variety and tried it out last night.

I poured it over ice, and I first noticed that it had more than enough carbonation.  It even has the right color.  I tried to be objective from the beginning because I prefer a long island made from scratch, at the bar top in front of me.  I've never been a fan of pre-mixed from a jug long islands that most restaurants serve.  No, you have to go find a bar, tip the bartender good, and get a REAL Long Island.   But like I said, I was going to try to be objective.

The taste is ok.  Not great, just ok.  What gets you is the after taste.  It has the syrupy sugary long after taste that coats your teeth.  So I looked at the calories on it and I was shocked.  It has 276 calories for an 11.5 ounce bottle.  That's a lot of calories.

I kept sipping on the cocktail for a while longer.  After about 10 minutes, my mouth started to just taste like sugar.  It was gross.  I had my wife try it and see what she thought.  Her response was that it "tastes like a malt beverage."  I told her how many calories were in it, and she said it wasn't worth drinking for that.

Also, it's a bit pricey.  It was 11.74 for an 8 pack.  (Why an 8 pack?)

So maybe if you like really sugary drinks that are super sweet it may be something for you.  But for someone that enjoys a real long island, I'd pass it up.