Our daughter Kylee had never been to Gronk's Grill & Bar in Superior so we decided to head over for dinner.  Lucky for us the Wednesday night special was a BOGO on some of their upside down burgers!  While we were waiting for our food we noticed something weird in Homie's beer glass and asked our server Amanda about it.  I was shocked at her answer and immediately asked if I could do it for the video below.

I'm sure Amanda could see the shock and awe in my face as I fired questions at her about this most unusual way of pouring beer.  There is an actual hole in the bottom of the glass and it uses a magnetic ring and disc.  I'm still surprised there isn't any leakage.  Gronk's Grill and Bar has 22 different beers on tap and Amanda said this system of pouring beer gives a perfect head every time, no matter which of the 22 you choose.

Gronk's is on top of the latest technology called Bottoms Up Beer when it comes to tapping beer. The actual system can be visually described like something you might see on an episode of Star Trek.  Plus, we learned from Amanda that we need to make sure to check the magnetic disc in the bottom of our glass because some of them contain perks like half priced apps.  Check it out!