A few months ago I began shooting archery for the first time.  I went to Custom Archery and Outdoors and pretty much said, "I don't know anything, but I want to learn."  Within about 8 weeks, I was consistently hitting the bulls eye and doing well at techno hunt.

By no means am I an expert.  I'm still a novice, but I am surprised that in just a couple months I've gotten good enough I can try hunting.   A lot of the mechanics of shooting a bow and firing a gun are the same.  Once you figure out your posture, anchor point, equipment, and a few other things you're on your way.  I've got a long way to go, but it doesn't take years to get decent at it.

By far the most fun about Custom Archery and Outdoors is the techno hunt, which is addictive.

So I'm looking forward to this fall and doing some bow hunting for deer.  It'll give me a chance to be out in the woods when there aren't so many people out there, and it's a little warmer.  I'll be sure to keep practicing.  I'll be heading over to the Indoor 3D shoot at The Heritage Center this Weekend!  It's Saturday from 8-5, and Sunday from 8-3.  Cost is only $15 for the continuous line shoot with max distance of 40 yards.  If you'd like more info, you can call 218-464-1711 ext 105.