Last night nothing was on TV, and then I remembered!  Bill Murray's Netflix special 'A Very Murray Christmas' was ready to watch.  So my wife and I poured ourselves a glass of wine and started streaming.  While the special wasn't a laugh a minute, it was definitely worth watching.

I expected it was going to be a cut and dry special like we see on TV so many times, but from the start we know it's something different.  It's Billy Murray for crying out loud!  It follows Bill in a depressed mood because he's left all alone to host his TV special because of the worst blizzard in years.  None of his guests have arrived, and he's choking.  From there the story takes some twists and turns.

The music was pretty good.  There was the natural, unforced comedy that Bill is so good at.  One of the funniest moments is when he forces Chris Rock to join him for "Do You Hear What I Hear."


With some creative plot lines, we are joined then by some stars such as Miley Cyrus and George Clooney.  It's fun, it's different, and it's definitely worth the 56 minute run time.

Oh, and keep an eye on the bartender from the lounge and see if you can remember him from another Bill Murray Christmas project.  (Hint Buxter Poindexter.)