I am intrigued with people's Facebook behavior.  It's  a big social experiment that you can watch unfold.  Facebook has become it's own world with it's own unwritten rules.  See for yourself if you find yourself obligated to do these things:

1.  Write on someone's wall for their birthday.

Facebook gives us that friendly reminder that one of your "friends" is having a birthday.  What do you do?  Well I gotta write "Happy Birthday" on their wall!  Sometimes you've never even met the person, and 99% of the time, if it wasn't for Facebook you never would have known it was their birthday.

Why you do it - Because, secretly you measure you're worth to the world by how many people write happy birthday on your own wall.

2.  Like a picture of someone's cute baby. You have to click "like."  It's an unwritten rule.  And guess what, you even have to do it if it's kind of a dumb picture.

Why you do it - Because if someone see's you liked someone else's baby picture and not theirs, you may not be friends anymore.

3.  Click "MAYBE" on event invitation. I don't do this one, but I've seen it enough to include it.  You get invited to an event that you really have about a .05% chance of even going to.  Instead of declining the invitation, you click maybe.

Why you do it - Part of you feels bad about blatantly saying no.  You convince yourself that there is actually a possibility of you going to this party, even though you're just kidding yourself.  When the date comes, you don't go and come up with an excuse.

4.  Accept friend requests - So and so want to be your friend, do you accept?  Hell yeah!  The more friends on Facebook the better!

However, let's translate this to real life:

"Hey can I be your friend?"

"Hell no, you're a creepy looking dude!"  or "What the hell is up with all these pictures of cats?  Are you nuts or something?"

Why we do it: Part of you thinks that if you ignore their friend request, they may find out.  Maybe they'll come looking for you in real life.  It's easier just to accept their friend request and move on.

5.  Friend request co-workers/ bosses. This can be a dicey situation.  Once you are friends with someone, you may show up on their news feed.  Say you call in sick a day from work.  Unbeknownst to you, some idiot friend "checks you in" at a bar or restaurant that you are at.  It shows up on you're bosses news feed.  You get called into the office the next day.  Bad idea.

Why we do it: Everyone wants to "fit in" at the workplace.  Facebook has become the water cooler of the 21st century.  If you want to know whats going on in the office or in co-workers lives, you log on to Facebook.

6.  Accept parent's friend request. This one is just plain wrong.  You've finally found a way you can express your own diarrhea of the brain to the world.  You can say whatever you want to say.  You can have whatever political view you want.  You can post whatever pictures of you doing crazy things.  Then one day your mom joins Facebook.  PALM TO THE FACE!  You gotta accept the request and quickly censor through your pictures.   Wasn't there an age limit to this thing?!  They just let anyone join?  Seriously?

Why you do it:  It's your mother for crying out loud.  What kind of person wouldn't be friends with their mom on Facebook.