There's been 15 suspected Arson Fires in the Northland since March.  Let's hope we catch whoever is causing all this damage and putting lives of people at risk.  Both Duluth and Superior Police Departments are working on catching the suspects.  In the meantime, I thought I would share some tips on doing the most you can do to protect yourself.

1.  Be on the lookout. Report anything suspicous right away.  If you see someone doing strange things around your property, don't hesitate to call 911.  At the worst, it could just be some kind of misunderstanding.

2.  Lock your doors. The three fires in West Duluth were all in unlocked vehicles or an unlocked garage.  Lock it up!

3.  Outdoor lighting. Lights do a lot to deter a criminal from violating your property.

4.  Take photos of valuables. Just yesterday, I photographed every expensive item I have in my garage, plus recent purchases like a brand new garage door.  I want evidence so I don't have to worry about fighting with insurance if the unthinkable happens.

5.  Smoke detectors in the house. Fortunately none of the fires yet have come to actual homes burning down.  That doesn't mean it couldn't happen.  Make sure you have smoke detectors in your house and they have charged batteries.  Have at least one smoke detector on every floor.

Be smart and on the lookout.  Let's hope we find justice quickly and put an end to this.