Later this morning, NASA will be making an announcement about a major scientific discovery they have found on Mars.  What could it be?  I'm so excited that I've come up with a list of a few things.

  • 1

    "Oil Found On Mars"

    Imagine how fast we would be getting to Mars now if they found oil.  We'd have colonies by the end of the decade complete with strip clubs and everything.  It would be an oil boom planet!

  • 2

    "We've Found Alien Life"

    Little green men!  I mean it would be kinda cool if they were right next door, right?

  • 3

    'We've Found Your Missing Car Keys"

    I know that couldn't happen, but for the life of me I can't find the damn things.

  • 4

    'We've Found Evidence of Another Visitor"

    How crazy would it be if they found evidence that some other species had landed on Mars before us?  Wouldn't that be crazy!

  • 5

    Flowing Water

    This actually is seriously the best guest some people have.  There has been speculation in the past that there is a briny fluid that could possibly support life that could be flowing on the surface.  Perhaps they found it.  Which would be a big discovery, just not as fun as the previous ones.