We had an unseasonably warm March, and now we have an unseasonably cold April.  The Northland weather is cruel, as most of us just got a taste of spring followed by cold and snow.  If spring ever does arrive, here are a few things I can't wait to do!

  • 1

    That First Pontoon Ride

    We may be in a hoodie.  We might be drinking hot coffee instead of a cold beer, but at least we'll be on the lake.  If spring ever comes.

  • 2

    Playing Golf

    I'm looking forward to that first round of golf at Nemadji.  It's my yearly reminder how fast I can go from excited to frustrated in just a few hours.  But hey, at least we'll be on those fairways (roughs.)

    Jacob Wackerhausen
  • 3

    Fishing Opener

    I've never been fishing on opening weekend when it wasn't miserably cold.  Last year it was windy at about 38 degrees.  2 years ago it was snowy and 33.  Maybe this year we can crack the 40 degree mark?

  • 4

    Grilling Outside

    I don't know about you, but this time of year our indoor cooking recipes have gotten kind of stale.  I'm ready to grill some meats.  Brats, burgers, kabobs... bring them on!

  • 5

    Hanging out At Park Point

    Notice I didn't say swimming at Park Point.  The water might get warm enough around August for that.  We'll settle for cold sand on our toes and no frostbite warnings.

  • 6


    There is a very short window that takes place usually in May when it's warm enough not to freeze to death outside while camping, but still cool enough that the mosquitos aren't bad.  That's the time of year to camp!  If spring ever gets here.

    Brigitte Smith/ Think Stock