I'm not going to pretend I'm a financial guru who keeps watch on the stock market.  I don't.  But I've been on Facebook enough to see it's something I don't want to buy into.  Here's 5 reasons why:

1.  Timeline - or anytime Facebook changes it's layout or features the whole Facebook Population whines.  I know I have, I don't want to switch to timeline.  Frankly, I find it confusing.

2.  Mark Zuckerburg - I don't mean to beat up the guy, because I really have no beef with him.  He's a brilliant guy, and I'm jealous.  That being said, as a CEO, when he gives a press conference he sounds like a nervous teenager asking a girl on a date.

3.  More ads - There is no question that there will be more advertisements on Facebook, and it could get in the way.  Investors will put more pressure on Facebook to hit it's quarterly numbers.  Users may be turned off by these ads.  I read recentley in a survey, that 56% of users say they will never click on an ad.

4.  Mobile app changes will upset users- Once again, they're going to have to change things up to make money to make investors happy.  Mobile apps for Facebook right now don't have advertising.  That'll change, and boy people are going to be upset.  Look back at #1.

5. Shares are already too expensive for me. According to news this morning, shares are around $38 bucks.  That's a pretty expensive share and for me to buy enough to have hope of making money, I'd be so broke, I couldn't afford internet, anyway.