Gas today was $3.84 a gallon.  The real reason they tell us that the gas prices are going up is because of the conflict in Libya.  Isn't it wonderful that the most volatile and unstable region of the world is always where we get our crude oil?  Here's my 5 reasons that gas prices keep rising.1.  OPEC hates us and wants our money.

2.  If the world was a daycare, the middle east would be the ones in time outs all the time.  Just get along already.  We're sick of the conflicts and the prices going up.

3.  All my bills came on the same day and I'm on empty.  I think they know that.

4.  It seems like whenever our refineries and oil rigs get back up and running after a hurricane, another one comes through and knocks a few out.  Or we have a huge oil spill.

5.  Probably the best reason is because we keep paying the price.  We grumble about it, but when push comes to shove we love our cars and we keep filling them up.  As long as we keep paying the price, it'll keep going up.  I'm guilty of it too.  I live 4 blocks from a grocery store and I could easily just walk to get my groceries but I like taking my car.  It's a habit that we need to change.  Maybe we wouldn't be so fat as a society either.