Anyone who knows me, knows that I like ghost stories, so that's why it was so easy to put together a top 5 list of the most haunted places in the Twin Ports. I recently did a study on the web site and 92% of you believe or have seen a ghost. Here are some of the stories with the locations and proof, if I found it, for you to decide. If you have a ghost story, share it with me.

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    The William A. Irvin

    During the fall season the ship has haunted tours with actors, but the ship really is haunted. The biggest story from employees is a lady in white that walks the ship, mostly on the deck. No identity has been given to her and she wears period clothes. The captain of the ship is said to still do his patrols, and mainly stays in the captains chair overlooking the ship. It is said he is angry the ship is docked when it is still sea worthy. Two other men are said to haunt the ship, one who doesn’t know what happened to him. He is in the front of the boat and moans and bangs on things. The other in the back was killed when he fell from his ladder while welding. His family has come forward and said the story surrounding his death was always fishy and they were denied a claim to his pension. Is he haunting the ship until he can tell his story?

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    The Depot

    The Depot was investigated several times. There were several EVPs recorded (that is when voices appear on tape later). There were also videos captured of someone walking on a train in the museum area, click here to see the video. There are many stories as to the identities of the ghosts, most of them are connected to the trains themselves. They aren’t openly told, but if you corner director Ken Buehler he will share some of the stories.

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    Fairlawn Mansion

    This 42 room victorian mansion was turned into a museum and the ghost that haunts this place is often mistaken for a museum guide, as she often helps visitors to find their way around. The other guides here, the human ones, dress in period costume as does the phantom. She has been known to help visitors find specific displays and then she simply vanishes. Her presence is often noted because of a cold, damp chill that is in the air. There have been discussions over the years as to the identity of this ghost and it is believed that she may have been a servant girl in the house.

    According to reports collected by Dennis William Hauck, this ghostly servant girl is said to have been murdered by her husband, shortly after leaving the sanctuary of the Pattison home. It is believed that she has returned to Fairlawn Mansion because it was one of the only places that she knew happiness in her short life.

    According to the stories, the mansion once served as an orphanage for a period and apparently closed down in the 1950's or 1960's. Accounts say that the ghosts of two children are often seen and heard playing near the old swimming pool in the basement. Although no records exist to say that any children ever died in the house, some believe that they may have accidentally drowned while living at the orphanage. Records from that period have been sealed by the county.

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    Glensheen Mansion

    Glensheen mansion is reported to be haunted by some of it’s former workers, although when a call was placed to confirm any of the stories the answer was that the “mansion is not haunted”. Elizabeth Congdon and her nursemaid were brutally murdered by her son in law and were left to die in the mansion. One of the stories is in the Library, that Elizabeth still likes to read and a mist will appear by the books. Screams are heard after hours as if the murders are still taking place. Others just complain of moaning or orbs that appear. Mostly during the after hours. The guest room at the west end of the third floor is very active. Main staircase and landing have shown a lady dressed in period clothing in photos taken for a Christmas promo. Watch out for the big luggage closet and the south end of the attic.

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    Duluth Denfeld Auditorium

    There is a story of a former teacher who died, several students who have committed suicide under the stage, falling to their death off the balcony. The one I hear over and over, the former teacher who re-arranges backdrops and messes with scripts and props. Lights that go off and on, voices backstage when no one is there. Things on stage left behind will be cleaned up the next day.

    Duluth Public Schools Photo