There never has been a time where "things ain't like it used to be" was more obvious.  Technology has changed so much and so rapidly in the last 30 years that there is a huge generation gap.

Here's some examples:

#1 Yellow Pages or Phone Book. This is a big one.  My parents grab a phone book if they need a number.  In 10 seconds, I grab my phone and have the number already just by talking to it.

2.  Reading The Morning Paper. Who needs a morning paper when it's all online?  You wake up, check your e-mail, log on to Facebook, and check your favorite news website.  And you can do it on a tablet too!  You don't even have to get out of bed.  It's funny, when I'm with my grandpa and we stop for gas, he always asks me to get today's paper.  That's the only time I ever buy one.

3.  Mail. All I ever get anymore in the mail is advertisements, credit card offers, and the weekly shopper.  I opt out for mail service for all my accounts.  I do it all online.  I pay my mortgage, cell phone bill, utility bill, netflix, cable, etc. all online.  My grandparents mail out everything, always have stamps handy and actually worry about the price of stamps going up.  I hardly even notice!  When my grandparents/parents want to say hi to someone, they give them a call, or send them a card.  Now it's two clicks and your on facebook, you've said hi, poked them, and seen the latest pictures of their baby.

4.  Checks. When I was growing up, my mom would write a check for everything.  I learned how to balance a checkbook when I was a teenager, and I haven't since.  I use a debit card and I keep track of my purchases by logging onto my bank account daily.  I write on average 4 checks per year - and that's because they don't have an online option!

5. Television. My parents have their favorite programs all scheduled out.  I hit a button to record when I want to watch a show, and it automatically does it for me.  My folks never used their "watch instant" feature on Netflix.  Instead they will watch something that is mildy interesting on tv, instead of watching some of their favorite shows online.  I spend almost as much time watching shows on the internet as I do on the TV.

One thing that the older generations have that a lot of youth is missing out on:  Actual life experience.

The youth need to get away from a screen more often, and older people need to accept change.  Things are only going to move faster!