Yesterday my wife and I went and met our obstetrician for the first time, and got to hear the heartbeat.  It didn't sound like anything I thought it would!

I wasn't sure really what to expect at this visit, but I kinda figured we would hear the heartbeat.  I thought it would kinda sound like my own through a stethescope.  Instead they brought out a little machine about the size of a walkman.  It's actually called a fetal doppler.  The doctor put some gel on her abdomen and put the small object on, and there it was!

The best way I can describe the sound was like a mechanical pump of some kind.  It had a squishy noise and was going about 140 beats per minute.   Which is totally normal.

And once again, I got that funny feeling as it's all sinking in.   I got a big grin, and said... "cool."

I'll keep you posted on our next visit which is in just a couple of weeks!  Wish us luck!